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  • Mary Lynch

A Day in the life of an Interior Designer...Simplifying

Welcome to the new year! You may already be tired of New Year’s resolutions, so I am going to talk about an anytime simplification! In home design and décor, there is so much talk about seasonal décor and the need to buy things, and after cleaning up my over the top holiday decorations, the last thing I want is more of anything. I have taken a cue from Emily Ley and cleaned and decluttered mercilessly. I’ve been going through drawers and cupboards evaluating items by: Do I use it?, Do I like it?, Do I have to keep it and why? I have been going through things and throwing and donating like mad. I am of the Coco Chanel though, “Less is more.”. I’d rather have a few nice quality things than a lot of cheap stuff. This also goes for my home and my design style. Buy the best quality you can afford the first time and then you don’t have to buy it again. Furniture is a great example love the piece, frame and fabric and keep it for 20+ years and then just have it reupholstered. Buying quality furniture is the most economical and environmentally friendly way to go. Then you are not rebuying it and dumping the cheap one in the landfill. To get back to simplifying, evaluate things in your home. Do you like it?, Do you need it? If not, donate it, sell it or throw it out. Give yourself room to breathe, space to live and an area for your eyes to rest. There is nothing wrong with a blank wall or open floor space. You now have room to Dance!

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