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  • Mary Lynch

Fresh Year Fresh Start

Now that the holidays are over and the holiday hangover has cleared, it is time for a fresh start. Many of you look at your home and rooms with displeasure.

I suggest a deep clean. Get the garbage bags out and go through the house or room mercilessly. Look at your belongs and ask – “Do I need it? And do I like it?” If either answer is “no”, get rid of it. The items can be donated, sold or tossed. Then give the room a good cleaning, floors, walls, light fixtures, etc. Only put back what you like and need.

Next, think about how you want to use the room and how you want the room to feel. If you want a light and airy feeling, use light or pastel colors. A warm and cozy room will need warmer and possibly darker colors. Note: any color you chose off of a paint chip will look darker on the walls than on the paper. Next, add items that you truly love. Don’t keep adding things because you think you should. Do it over time and let the space achieve an authentically layered look. Remember, less is more.

If you want a change, repaint or wallpaper. Change bed linens or window treatments. This will give your room a fresh start.

An interior designer is a great person to consult, if you want new ideas or help with pulling a room and or house together in a cohesive way. I can take your ideas and bring a space together that reflects your wants, needs and vision. If you plan to invest in a space, it is better to consult a designer and do it once right instead multiple times haphazardly. Call me, I’d love to help you with your projects.

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