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A day in the life of an interior designer

Happy New Year! A new year, brings a fresh new start and no better time to relaunch our blog.

I love New Year’s Day, a fresh start, a brand-new planner and time to reset for the year. Today I get organized and ready to kick off the new year. The Holiday season is a blur with getting clients ready for the holidays, finishing up end of year projects and getting ready for Christmas, the office looks like a bomb went off. So today I cleaned, straightened and got ready to dive in again. My main goal was to get rid of that which we don’t need.

We are newer to the business, but not to life. We understand the feeling of drowning in stuff, samples, books, catalogs, paper, etc. To day I did the big purge. If I hadn’t read it or photographed it, it got tossed. It is so refreshing to get rid of things that drag you down. The motto this year is to simplify.

So, with that in mind, let’s look at design from that standpoint…

Good design stands the test of time. Good design can stand on its own and not need a lot of accessorizing. My favorite motto is, “Less is more.” I see many spaces that have so much “stuff” that you get anxious just looking at it. Your eye needs places to rest, it is call negative space (art term). I like to have rooms or spaces that have a focal point, and plenty of room for your eyes to rest.

understated elegance

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