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A day in the life of a designer...

Welcome to A Day in the Life at Mary Lynch Design!

Mary Lynch Design is made up of Mary Lynch, owner and head designer; Penny Schilling, senior designer; Shannon Ratey, associate designer and Leanne Segersin, design intern.

Today we start a new chapter at Mary Lynch Design. We want to bring our friends along for the ride so they can see what we do on a day-to-day basis.

We have had to make some changes to one of the projects we are currently working on. The budget has been set, but some of the individual pieces have come in at a higher than expected cost, so adjustments need to be made to other aspects of the design. This is where research and tenacity come in. Mary and Penny need to find great looking and durable furniture that works with the other design elements, while still coming in at a more economical price.


The color scheme for this client is a mix of warm neutrals and lots of texture in the carpet, upholstery, and wall covering. We are working on two different spaces for this client: the foyer and the basement family room. Both incorporate sophisticated colors and finishes. Check back soon to see the completed spaces!

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